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Our antiques store is the perfect place to find your next unique piece of furniture. Forget buying from a large chain; choose an item of furniture with a story, something full of character.

As well as selling pieces, we love buying unusual and unique items of furniture. If you have an antique you wish to get rid, don’t simply throw it away. We buy old items of furniture and restore them to sell on in our store. Call in for a full assessment of your items.

Why Buy Antique?

+ Affordable

Antique pieces offer excellent value for money. Buying a vintage piece can save you a considerable amount of money vs buying brand new.

+ Quality

Often antique pieces are more sturdy, made from higher quality materials, such as solid wood etc. Older pieces are often hand made as opposed to mass manufactured, which means that greater care and attention has been given to each piece.

+ Unique

When you buy from a generic store, you can guarantee that there will be thousands of others out there with the exact same pieces. Buy antique for a truly rare and authentic item if furniture.

+ Environmentally Friendly

It is a well-known fact that we are using our resources up far quicker than we can replace them. Buying an antique means that less new furniture is manufactured, which results in less of our valuable resources being used.

+ Sense of History

There is nothing like owning an older piece of furniture to arouse your curiosity and wonder about the past. Where possible, we always let our customers know where the antique came from and how it came to us. Every piece has its own journey, and you are just part of it!

+ Timeless

Antique pieces have stood the test of time and never go out of fashion. An antique is an investment, not a spur of the moment quirky purchase. A vintage piece of furniture can stay in your family for generations when taken care of.

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